New Brand, same great product!

Bernard Botejue Industries (Pvt) Ltd was founded in 1948 and our first product was the “Bernards Baniyan ” which became a widely sought-after item by Sri Lankans from all over the country.

After years of diversifying into apparel exports and other industries, we decided it was time to go back to our roots and relaunch the clothing line that made Bernard Botejue Industries a renowned name back in the day.

VYAYA, short for the Sinhalese word “viyayama”, meaning exercise, was the perfect choice for the brand that aims to promote an active lifestyle with clothing that provides everyday comfort.

Our tag line, “Everyday Comfort” portrays the true essence of the brand, VYAYA is a brand that specializes in good quality basics for everyday use.

Brand Personality


VYAYA is a youthful brand that is genuine, trustworthy, natural and unpretentious. It’s also relaxed, casual, easy going, low key and chill.

Eco Friendly

A brand that is environmentally friendly with recycled packaging that is both sustainable and biodegradable.

Truly Sri Lankan

We are a brand that is proud to be Sri Lankan, with raw materials sourced locally.